Natural Way to Work with Overwhelm


We’ve all probably had moments, days or weeks where the world seems too much to handle.  Maybe we have a to-do a mile long, or we’re moving through grief, anger, or sadness.  There are many, many approaches to working with overwhelm, and many probably work well in conjunction with one another.

I find intentionally grounding to be a powerful practice for releasing overwhelm.  Grounding helps to bring us into the present moment.  And when we are present, life’s challenges no matter how big start to become workable.  We may not be totally “freed” from the issue at hand, but it becomes more manageable.  We may begin to see what steps we might take.

In addition to releasing overwhelm, I have found a regular practice of grounding also helps to increase resilience, decrease scatter-brain, and create a more ease-full life.  Here’s a short video on the practice.  Try it for yourself and see!  

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