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Afton State Park

3rd Annual Women’s Gathering

Play. Dance. Learn. Relax. Sit. Rejuvenate. Heal. Laugh. Explore. Smile.

Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life.
— John Muir

Join us for a weekend of learning, exploration, connection, fun, and relaxation. A quiet setting in nature, we’ll gather at Afton State Park (about 30 mins East of St Paul). Camping near the St Croix River with access to miles of hiking trails, you’ll have the option of participating in a number of classes and workshops to spark new truths, make new friends, and release what no longer serves.


Event Includes:

-Your choice of 11 classes with seasoned teachers

-6 meals featuring local and organic ingredients

-Swimming areas (no lifeguard on duty)

-Camping or communal Yurt/Cabin

-Opening + Closing ceremonies

-Access to miles of trails through prairie and along St Croix

-Evening teas

-Mid-sized group (about 30-40 people). Big enough to meet lots of cool people, small enough to get to know one another.


Back to Nature

Throughout our human evolution, humans have spent 99.9% of their life outdoors. A recent poll showed that humans in the US now spend about 87% INDOORS. Recent research has shown that time in nature lifts the mood, makes us smarter, and reduces dis-ease. This event is a wonderful introduction to the outdoors as well as a remembering for nature lovers.



-Secluded group campsite (includes fire-pit, picnic tables, and firewood)

-Toilets + water hole

-Showers available within a short drive

New to Camping?

This is a nice way to ease into camping. All the meals are prepared for you. You can stay in cabins/yurts as a “stepping stone” if you’re not ready to make the leap. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you’re new and you’re not sure if the event is a good fit for you. We will have people available to help set-up tents and answer any questions on site.