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Come...sit by the fire...

Imagine moving through life with unshakable confidence.  You appreciate and know your strengths, you ask what you need, you’re not afraid to receive (or ask for) help, and you’re living life on your own terms.  You experience joy in everyday moments. You're not afraid to put yourself out there, say your opinion, and take steps to create a life you love.

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Nature as a Teacher

These things circle back to the season of summer— which represents inner strength, light, self-worth, confidence, spiritual gifts, expression, and playfulness. 

The Summer Solstice—the focal point of these energies—is a power time for honing in on these energies—and shifting patterns in these areas that hold you back.

The invitation....

This gathering is an invitation to nurture yourself, play, experience, and ignite shift in these areas of your life. It's pause from life-experience that continually asks us to prove our worth.

You're amazing…and it’s time to stop settling.  What would you do if you stopped holding yourself back?  If you fully played with life? If you truly believed in yourself?  If you asked your boss for that raise? It might feel scary to explore new territory, but it also might feel good.  Damn good.

The word power can have some negative connotations or even scare us.  But what living in your power really means is living in the deepest sense of integrity, balance, and authenticity.  You feel you can say how you feel without feeling guilty.  You don't move through life on eggshells.  

 The thing is...your power never left's always been with you.  The question is, are you fully accessing it and living from a place of power? If not, it may be time for an upgrade. Catalyze these shifts that prevent you from living from a place of confidence...


This gathering is fertile ground for creating shifts in these areas:

-Feeling okay with being you

-Appreciating life more

-Asking for a raise that’s long overdue

-Spreading yourself too thin

-Accessing and leveraging your strengths

-Letting yourself discover joy through living (even through challenges)

-Clearing the roots of over striving (or “I’ll never be good enough”)

The work that occurs on this gathering isn’t intellectual—it’s energetic.  We don’t provide complex formulas, we offer experiences that shift the way you relate to yourself and others.  Holistic experiences that spark new truths.  Clear blockages.  Inspire connection.

Wait, there's more!

Morning Kundalini Yoga Class—We've deliberately decided to offer a Kundalini Yoga class Sunday morning to support the process.  If you haven't tried Kundalini Yoga, it boils down to tapping into the light within.  Kundalini yogis use this practice as a powerful way to cut through fears that hold us back from living our potential.  We recognize that this may not be suitable for all— that’s why it’s a bonus!

Who this is for:


-You are interested in connecting with nature or have a deep connection you want to nourish

-You’re feeling stuck in areas related to confidence, self worth, and boundaries

-You want to do something to nourish the seeker, explorer, healer, and adventurer within

-You find yourself committing to obligations that you really don’t want to do

-You have dreams you feel called to set in motion but you keep procrastinating

-You’re struggling to make ends meet or you’re not able to create the income you deeply desire


-You want to make a difference in the world, but you’re not sure you have anything to offer

-All shapes, sizes, ages, races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations.  Anyone who identifies as a woman is welcome.  We do our best to accommodate those with mobility limitations.  If you're not sure if the site will work for you, please contact us before registering.

Who is this not for:

-You’re not open to non-conventional ways of healing and transformation

-You’re looking for a luxury retreat

Nourishing Food

Organic + local foods…healthy for the body…good for the environment. Meals are vegetarian and offer gluten free, dairy free, and vegan options.  If you have questions about the food, contact us BEFORE registering!  We'll offer two meals; dinner and brunch.  Snacks will be available too!

Co-Creating the Gathering:

Have a gift to share?  Bring it!  Saturday night there will be a fire after the evening session and anyone who loves to sing, play music, share stories is most welcome to offer gifts freely.

Nitty Gritty Details:

Arrive around 3pm Saturday June 23rd. 

Check out is 1pm Sunday June 24th.

Max for this retreat is 28 women to create an intimate experience.



A 30-40 minute escape West of the Twin Cities!

Baker Park Near Wilderness Settlement

4001 County Rd 24

Maple Plain, MN 55359

About the Facilities & Accommodations:


Join us for an authentic unplugged experience.  This experience brings us out of our modern life, and back to simple living close to nature. 

It's a “bridge” for those who want a more rustic outdoor experience, yet have the comfort of a simple one room cabin you'll share with up to 3 other women. Cabins have no electricity or running water (though we can provide electricity for valid medical purposes, ask!).  Bathrooms are located outside cabin a short walk away.  Each cabin gets a battery operated lantern.  Packing list is here.


Sessions take place in a beautiful lodge.  There is a shower in the lodge if you plan on showering at the gathering. We'll also have some sessions outdoors, so wear layers.


1) Register by clicking the button below.*

2) You'll receive a welcome email in the next 24-48 hours.

3) As we approach the retreat keep your eye on your inbox as we'll be sending important info and inspiration to help you prepare for the retreat!

*Emily Lichtenheld is no longer co-hosting this event.  As a result the rates have been reduced.

Cancellation Policy:

Due to the nature of the event, all sales are final.  If you need to cancel, you may transfer your ticket to another person OR transfer funds ($25 processing fee) to another program with the School of Earth Medicine within 1 calendar year from date of purchase.  Last day to transfer is June 18th.