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The vision for the event is to create sacred space for women to go within, reflect, rejuvenate, explore, heal, and transform in a variety of ways.  We want to offer a variety of workshops for women to choose from that include movement, guided experiences, interaction, etc

We at the School of Earth Medicine views this gathering as a vehicle for women to empower one another, share their gifts with each other, and spark new ways to live.

We are inviting teachers to share their offerings with the School of Earth Medicine community. 

The event is scheduled from Thursday September 27th 3pm-Sunday September 30th 11am at Whitewater State Park (about 2 hours South of the Twin Cities). We have rented the Group Center which contains 8 simple camper cabins (3 rooms each with bunkbeds), bathhouse (with showers) and a lodge.  Cabins do not have electricity.

The site is secluded…surrounded by limestone bluffs and located on a beautiful little creek. Participants will have access to miles of hiking trails through/in/around forests, rivers and bluffs.

Themes and modalities that we've offered in the past are: yoga, qigong, qoya, dance, Earth Medicine, ceremony, women's health, herbalism, alternative medicine, astrology,  shamanism, singing, sound healing, women's cycles.  We also are particularly interested in nutrition, sexual health, empowerment, art, meditation, and somatics. 

We offer three possible teaching positions at this gathering.

Full-Time Teacher (1-3 openings): Typically for teachers with 3-5+ years of teaching who maintain an active audience and web presence.  Teacher would offer 4 classes (or 4 class blocks) during the 4-day gathering.  Compensation includes stipend, all meals, lodging (double occupancy with another teacher), classes, and potential referral bonus. It may also be a possibility to teach a 1-day intensive (sessions 1, 11, and III) or half-day intensive (sessions II and III). 

Part-Time Teacher (3-8 openings): For teachers who want to share 1-2 classes at the retreat.  Compensation includes reduced rate to the event ($250) which includes all meals, lodging, classes and potential referral bonus. This is an opportunity for experienced teachers and community members to share their passion and gifts at the gathering plus get to attend a number of classes at the event.

1-Day Teacher (1-3 openings): For teachers who cannot attend the whole event but would like to offer 2-3 classes on Friday September 28th or Saturday September 29th.  Teachers receive a stipend for classes 3 meals for the day and potential referral bonus.  It may also be a possibility to teach a 1-day intensive (sessions 1, 11, and III) or half-day (sessions II and III). Option to stay overnight for a nominal fee.

View a tentative schedule here.

Class spaces (tentative depending on number of teachers and modalities offered):

-Lodge with tables, wood floor & wood stove (tables can be moved around to create open floor)

-Open air (we plan to have canopy shelter available in the event of rain)

-Outdoor campfire

-Open air space next to creek

-Enclosed tent for about 15-20 women (for workshops that require privacy)

How do we select our teachers?

We select teachers based on experience, modality type, and fit for the event.

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