The School of Earth Medicine is designed specifically to support women on their path to self-discovery, healing, empowerment, transformation and leadership. 

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What you’ll find here are events, workshops, retreats, that provide you with a myriad of tools, experiences, and knowledge to support you on your path.

School of Earth Medicine is a weaving of Earth-Based practices such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness, botanical medicine, reflection, connection to nature, and shamanism.  By offering a variety of experiences, we encourage students to pay attention to the cause and effect of tools, practices, and techniques we teach—so students can decide for themselves what is useful in cultivating health, happiness, and freedom.

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 In simplest terms it’s a calling to connect to the beauty, wisdom, and healing power of the Earth….and also recognizing that we ourselves are made of Earth and we can be medicine for the Earth through our actions, words, and presence.

Earth Medicine isn’t just a school.  It’s a movement.  A way of being.  A gathering of warriors coming together to create micro and macro change.

As a workshop presenter/event coordinator myself over the years, I know how much effort it takes
to put these together and I am impressed with Laura’s ability to remain calm and cool and “go with the flow”
— Hiyala Yoga Teacher at Body Mind Circle + Founder of Body Prayers Spiritual Dance Troupe Shoreview, MN


Creating Change from the Inside Out: 

-We aim to infuse leadership, environmental sustainability, and compassion through every step we take. 

-We purchase local and organic foods (98%) for our events

-We actively seek out new ways we can reduce our environmental footprint by using recycled paper, non-toxic office supplies, etc

-We donate a percentage of every purchase to the Malala Fund—an education activist fund for girls in Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, and other regions girls miss out on secondary education.  Learn more about Malala's movement here.

Values and Beliefs:

-We believe that spiritual awakening is supported by connecting to the Earth, Nature, and Earth-Based practices.  

-We believe in personal empowerment; learning from experiences.

-We believe in teaching tools that have practical value and create a richer more meaningful life.  

-We believe each woman has medicine for the world, and our goal is to provide you with tools that develop clarity, intuition, confidence, fearlessness, to help you share your gifts with the world.

-We believe mindful-ness and self-awareness are valuable guides that support the rising of wisdom, clarity, and happiness.

-We believe spiritual growth can be beautiful, joyful, fun, messy and challenging.  

-We believe each woman is allowed to make mistakes.

-We believe each woman is allowed to be brilliant.

What is the School of Earth Medicine?

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About the Founder


Hi I’m Laura—I'm the founder of this budding organization known as the School of Earth Medicine.  The intention of the organization is to create a space for women to grow and transform together—with the aim to create more harmony in our own lives and in the world around us.

What would be worth doing even if you failed?

With over a decade of experience practicing yoga and years of experience as a teacher, healer, and retreat facilitator, in the Spring of 2017 the School of Earth Medicine was ‘birthed.’  It all started when I asked myself a simple question. “What would be worth doing even if I failed?”  Earth-Based women’s gatherings was the what I got.  In the Fall of 2017 we offered our first gathering…and my friends who are closest to me know we were going to do it whether we had one person or 200.

My message to women through our offerings is this: Develop your strengths. Take steps to build your dreams. The world needs you to be you. 

My aim is to create gatherings where women connect.  Where we become allies and cheerleaders for each other.  Where we realize we are in this together.  And we can laugh and discover the lightness and joy even through challenges.

With all my love,